Old School Shorts (Yellow)
Old School Shorts (Yellow)

Old School Shorts (Yellow)

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Why choose us?

Reason one

Our club was started by athletes and built for athletes. Our passion and desire to craft the perfect fitness apparel is unmatched. Passion runs through our team's veins, and we are never satisifed.

Reason two

Our brand is more than just clothing. Yolk Club represents the undying mentality that you work for what you get. From our athletes to our staff, we all believe that nothing worth being earned is without blood, sweat and tears. Join us and "GET YOLKED"


We would not be here today if it were not for all the support and we recognize that. Every month we will feature two customers that have showcased their support for Yolk Club.

Seen in the photos is Paul Claire and Devin Najdek. We wish both of them wonderful journeys in their fitness endeavors, and would like to specifically thank them for their support.

More than just a brand

Yolk Club is a family of like minded individuals. A brand that strives to be more, to be great. Our staff, athletes, and our supporters are all one. We can not succeed without eachother.